Monday, April 06, 2009

Blood Drops Forming

I like the quote by Douglas Adams: "Writing is easy. You only need to stare at a piece of blank paper until a drop of blood forms on your forehead."

Therefore it seems strange to me that a drop of blood is forming on my forehead but my page is not blank. Arrrggggh, this editing "stuff" is excruciating! Worse, is the rewrite . . . yet I know, it must be done. I must admit, I'm a little sick and tired of my beautiful manuscript. Who cares if the bad guy lives or dies anymore? I think I'm kidding. Where are those smiley faces???

The manuscript is 38 chapters and about 80,000 words. Ten chapters have been professionally and unprofessionally edited (you know, friends and family) and now it seems I have a deadline. Must go work instead of blog!!! 'Tis such a beautiful day and I am stuck in writing cave. Joy, joy, joy! It really is.


Sharon Lynne said...

I can't believe I'm here. For some reason my fingers took me to your blog. Don't give up on that beautiful book!

However, come out of the cave every hour or so and look at the beautiful April will refresh you!

The Gatekeeper said...

Hehehe, sure do miss ya, SL. I took your advise and might even take my computer out there today. Plus the windows in my cave are now open. It's a little chilly but the sun is shining. See ya soon.