Saturday, March 14, 2009

California's Economy: Can Our Published Poetry Raise Enough Money For Our Single Moms?

California's economy is in bad shape. America's economy is finding a slow path down murky drains. I am sure there is enough blame to go around--government and ourselves. Fund raisers, therefore, would seem to be a hard sell. But if internet companies still pay for just a click here and there perhaps we can still raise necessary funds for our charities, which for me would be our single moms in our church. Poetry is by far the hardest genre to sell, let alone get published. Coming up with a plan is important.

When our single moms decided to gather all their poetry and see if we could get enough quality work to self-publish, we had no idea of the hard brain labor it involved. We were happy to do it. It was also a blessing to encourage each other to keep writing. We wondered though if in this economy our published poetry would find any buyers. Therefore, we gathered all our poems and placed them on a blog along with work from moms who loved art and photography. After all, a poetry book with illustrations or photography would be a very attractive package. Don't expect to find too many love poems from our single moms, by the way. We do tend to get a little dark but there is hope sprinkled throughout.

Can we publish poetry and raise enough funds for single moms who are losing their homes, cars and even child support? Time will tell. Simple clicks from friends, family and church family would help this cause greatly. Eventually when the book makes it debut we would love our PayPal account to grow daily. No lofty dreams however.

Visiting our Poetry, Short Stories and Art Blog would give us a few more pennies and thanks to the Voxant NewsRoom, won't cost anyone a dime.

Click here to read The Gatekeeper's Poetry which will be included in our book of poems.

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