Wednesday, February 25, 2009

These Days

I am in need of more memory . . . not for my computer, mind you. Therefore, I have begun making daily lists -- to do lists, so to speak -- (and adding items constantly as I remember something else I need to do) and checking off those tasks successfully completed.

These days, it seems, I have been working diligently on our Church online magazine, which is primarily for our creative community. I am almost there, though it is taking on a life of its own. At this very moment my brain is trying to configure the submissions and guidelines page. Not that easy, since there are many parts to this magazine. Check this out . . .

The Gate Webzine main page (there are a gazillion links here that I had to make pages for)
The Gate Fiction
The Gate Films & Videos
The Gate Poetry
The Gate Keepers (staff, board members, contact info, submissions, guidelines)
The Gate Art (drawing a blank here)
The Gate Photographers (all over the place, hoping they can make their own sites)

**(I would not mind one bit if anyone could give me an opinion or further advice.)

Then we have our MySpace site, ShoutLife, FaceBook group and links to Church bloggers, music sites, authors and interviews. My brain!! 'Tis nothing less (or more) than total fun. I might be crazy, of course. Oh, plus I am reading five books so I can actually do the requested book reviews. Yes, I am crazy.

And here I should mention that this weekend, we are taking off to Twin Peaks (sounds eerie) for our women's retreat. A few of us are planning to make a short film in our spare moments. I hear the snow is about 10 feet deep. Yikes! More fun!!

All right then, I'm signing off to go watch LOST.

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