Thursday, February 05, 2009

News Release . . . Sort Of

No, I changed my mind. This is not a press release. Besides, I believe they are calling it a News Release these days anyhow.

But I did want to write about yet another blog I have created (this makes 17 now) for a wonderful lady at My I . . . Clouds. These little clouds are precious. Each have something very positive on them. She even has a kit with little scripture clouds--all wonderful to place on bathroom mirrors, bedroom doors, inside of your car etc. All sweet reminders that "I Am Wonderful," or anything positive to get you through the day. Way better than yellow stickies everywhere. She named her blog, "Think, Live and Be Positive."

She also has a FaceBook group if you're interested in joining FaceBook. Now there's a whole other post. Lady Gatekeeper loves FaceBook. It's simple and you would not believe how many long lost cousins I have found and am now re-connecting with. Awesome really. It's a sweet deal and who doesn't like a sweet deal?

And speaking of deals and savings use this AVIS Coupon Code and get yourself a few good savings. That's my tip of the day.

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