Monday, December 15, 2008

A Time To Write

'Ti's time once again for the Gatekeeper to prepare for yet another writers conference. This one is out in Antelope Valley where she believes it is snowing this very minute. LG really did love this one even though she had close to 200 hundred miles to drive on this journey. It was worth it, to say the least. After all, besides receiving a little wisdom and making happy connections, she was given a scholarship, received many free books and a few autographed ones to boot.

Authors were met and speakers were quite amazing, and very witty one might add. The Lady also won the raffle at the end of the conference and to her surprise she received a hefty check for placing third in the writers contest. She shall surely enter the grand duel again. Perhaps first prize is hers for the taking this year. One can only hope.

Nonetheless, the Gatekeeper's friend, Sharon Norris Elliott, is one of the speakers and teacher at this fine establishment. Sharon is also the director of writers (or something like that) at the Sandy Cove Writers Conference. She has much to share. Furthermore, she is just a riot to listen to. This shall be nothing less than enjoyable.

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