Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas in Bloom

The Castle is in bloom. The red Poinsettia graces each step of the stairwell. It is fresh, lively, and surrounded with the twinkling of Christmas lights. There is a healthy strand of garland cascading down and around each window frame with fresh flowers here and there. The fragrance wafts through the manor and even the young Prince admits it brings joy to his heart--quite an accomplishment for teenage royalty to admit.

The Prince did not want to put up the Christmas tree this year . . . too much work he says, and it is rather cold. Nonetheless, when he spotted December bouquets of lilies and Gerberas he thought it would be better if accompanied by a finely decorated tree.

Green tablecloths with gingerbread men, who holds the winter rose in place, waits patiently for Christmas dinner. It shall be a fine feast, indeed. In the meantime the Prince and Lady Gatekeeper will enjoy the sweet aroma of fresh flowers while reading stories of baby Jesus in front of the crackling fire. All that is missing is the snow! Merry Christmas to all.

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