Monday, November 17, 2008

The Estate Sale

Ah, one may be assured that Summer has passed when the local taverns and other merchants offer everything up for sale. Or, at least, most of the desirables inside their domains come at a very affordable price.

Case in point, my friends . . . if one is looking for fine Dining Room Furniture, Lady Gatekeeper has found an extraordinary deal. How would a thirteen-foot master dining set look in your castle? Nice! Of course, with the economy not at it's best these days, low monthly payments would work in your favor. And so it shall be.

At any rate, Home Furniture, with all its necessary accessories for every room and high-ceiling chambers of the Manor is a must-see for every fair shopper. The deals are bountiful. It's a Summer clearance after all. And what modern castle would be complete without the Bathroom Vanities? Every proper Lord and Lady deserves one. No boring moments in this delicate abode.

Furthermore, one shall be blessed with a discount anywhere from 45% to 75% off the retail price. That is quite a large bargain on English Manor leather, for instance. Gift certificates are available. It is the season for giving, don't you know? Enjoy.

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