Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Stolen Birthday

It appears that the castle where the Gatekeeper and the young Prince reside is not as secure as we had hoped. On September 25th, Prince L's birthday, thieves entered the premises while we lay sleeping and stole his magnificent birthday present--his $299 Felt (that's a bike). They also thought it would be funny if they broke into the Gatekeeper's car and take a pack of gum, not to mention the speakers. Traveling hundreds of miles each weekend without music is very bad for the soul.

In any case, SJPD came out and penned a report but alas, we are sure that all is lost. Of course, we are grateful that we were not harmed in any way. God will take care of business, of that we are sure. Nonetheless, young Prince once again has no transportation to and from school. We shall endure.

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