Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mariah Mundi, The Doppleganger and Whatnot!

Like I mentioned before, I was graciously given a copy of The Doppleganger Chronicles and plan to read it as soon as I catch up with Shadowmancer. A few other books are on my to-read list. Lets see if I can actually read six books before the year is up.

In any case, I did finish Mariah Mundi. This is a little gem by GP Taylor that is so much fun for both boy and girl readers. Moms and Dads will love it as well.

Mariah and sidekick Sacha are endearing. I think I wrote somewhere that I would adopt both of them which is totally possible since Mariah is an orphan. Wait . . . he's not real.

Anyhow, this tale is filled with action right from the first pages of the book. Mr. Taylor manages to pull you into Mariah's life very quickly, almost to the point where you can sense yourself riding on the train with him on his way to a really spooky but majestic hotel. Oh yeah, The Prince Regent is definitely a place you would want to visit.

Sacha is your typical girl sidekick. She knows everything, don't you see, and thinks she gets Mariah out of all those troubling situations that she, of course, landed him in the first place. She is fun though, and quite knowledgeable of their little town and the people in it--very helpful.

The bad guys are very interesting also and did I mention there are "creatures" to hang out with . . . or not. You have to keep up now as the plot is very clever with lots of twists.

There are many clues to lead us to the bad guys and to what they are hiding or stealing. Gadgets, inventions, a mystery and a murder to solve will keep your interest till the very last page.

I love the lessons in this book as subtle (and other times obvious) as they are. It is a book about morals and the choices we make or the consequences we suffer all tied up in a fantastical story. You know what I mean, right?

You might actually read this book in one sitting, or at least in one weekend. Mariah and friends, in the end, will leave you breathless and asking for the next book in the series. Happy reading, my friends.

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