Tuesday, September 09, 2008

September Minutes

It’s Back-To-School Season...and we are BACK TO WRITING!
(Article: How To Have A Successful Writers' Group)

Ruth, Sharon E., Debby, Carrie, Letty (visitor), Sharon P., Marilyn, Pat, Muriel, and WOODY.

Missing in Action:
Yvonne, Sandee, Mary, Colleen, Brenda, Jane, Becky, Susan, Deanne, Debbie W., Victoria

We always enjoy meeting at Pat’s place. The community room is cheerful with its big windows and soft colors. We had scrumptious food in the kitchen...and there was even a nice library for Woody.

The award for “The Most Exciting News” will be given to Ruth. Half-way through the meeting she casually announced, “I bought myself a sports car!” Her sleek little white ride sat primly in the parking lot. Go girl!

Sharon E. came in second, for the award, when her cell phone spelled out a text message from Matthew. He had just gotten the lead in a school play!

When it was time to get down to business, we really GOT DOWN. We had so many manuscripts to critique, one could not see the table. Conversation went a little like this: Did you get page 4 of Sharon E.? “No, but I have Pat’s third devotional.” “You should have three of those!” “Hey is this a poem?” “No it’s a book proposal.”

Finally we all simmered down and it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. (For about 4 minutes and 10 seconds)

During discussion time, it took us a while to break the habit of saying, “What do you think, Jane?” “Is that good grammar, Jane?” “How much longer are you going to use that pencil-stub, Jane.” Jane we miss you and are praying for you!!

The minutes will stop here because Sharon P. had to leave early with Letty. But Sharon assumes the meeting went long. With all those manuscripts, Woody probably read half the books in the library waiting for the meeting to end.

Our next meeting will be at Marilyn’s sister’s home on Orange Grove in Pasadena.

Take care...and keep writing!

The Gatekeeper would love to write down the rest of the minutes after the Time Keeper departed but, alas, she cannot remember anything after that. We did, however, get a lot of work done and stories were told and manuscripts were re-written, polished and all that good stuff. And of course, we were treated to freshly squeezed orange juice, crescents with home-made jam, grapes and nuts. Then the Gatekeeper was summoned to church for a meeting with Mr. Youth Pastor who wished to discuss, Heavy Metal and Youth Culture. It was a day indeed.

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