Wednesday, June 04, 2008

USA Gets The Boot

Whether the Gatekeeper is trudging through the forest or hiking up the stony desert mountains she never forgets to don on those work boots. Really, my friends, it protects her feet, her ankles and keeps her going that extra mile. Might come in handy when crossing paths with a few coyotes or snakes. Though no such danger has come her way, as yet.

In any case, it so happens that these work boots are made right here at home in the USA. Lady Gatekeeper especially loves the Wolverine collection--could be the name, or how very handsome they look on those who build our sturdy castles.

The company is still family owned, home grown so to speak, and what better way to spend that tax rebate check than this. Put it straight back into our own economy. Well, there you have it. The USA gets the boot. It's all good.

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