Friday, May 09, 2008

Of Plans, Automobiles And Travel Advantage

The days of summer are slowly creeping upon us and Lady Gatekeeper, her young Prince and Princess are once again in dire needs to rent a car. We must start these plans early so as not to have all those anxious moments hit us all at once, so to speak. Therefore, my friends, is it not a pleasure to be able to do such things on the internet? Rent a car right from your kitchen table. Yes, indeed, even a Gatekeeper can navigate herself through the Advantage dot com domain quite comfortably. A few simple clicks will apparently tell them what it is one wants to drive, when and where to pick such vehicle up and drop off cannot be easier.

Special rates on SUV's . . . that is what we would be looking at for long drives from the south side of the state to the north. I believe this baby could go for as low as $19.99 a day. Or perhaps, you would like to earn a free car rental day. Information on site . . . Good planning, I say.

In any case, it might be to your Advantage to use this car rental service and plan that vacation accordingly. I would imagine if one needed to rent a car one would use these services. So here's to having wonderful re-unions, holidays, and long-deserved vacations and, of course, having the means to get to our destinations without the hassle.

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