Monday, May 12, 2008

The Lonely Limo Driver

I have a most comical tale to share. Or perhaps, at one point, it might have seemed a little tragic. We received several Wedding Invitations from the same couple, one of which was addressed to our beloved dog, BJ. If it were the end of the story it would be funny enough.

Nevertheless, when the big day arrived and the ceremony was over, the guests proceeded to the Country Club for a nice reception. We waited for the bride and groom . . . and we waited . . . and we waited further still. Alas, to make the story much shorter than it really was, the Limo driver was a tad bit directionally challenged that day and drove them to a place far away from the Country Club.

Indeed, at that point it might have been a wiser choice to have taken heed of the Gatekeeper's advice and used the services of the rider and his horse drawn carriage. The invitation would have been a good source of info itself. Rather nice, wouldn't you say? Done online, I might add. A nice zoom feature which actually allowed one to see the quality of the final invite. It is a most romantic site for all one's custom wedding invitation.

Nonetheless, to get back to the story at hand. By the time Bride and Groom arrived at the reception, the food was gone, the bubbly had faded and many guests had exited the party.

It was late, of course, so the couple decided to head for the hotel room with empty stomachs and loads of presents. The remaining guests cheered them on and tipped the driver with a map. It did not help the matter and once again, the driver lost his way. Our dear couple finally made it to the hotel around midnight, tired, hungry but happily married.

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Naomi said...

This post made me smile Gatekeeper. A directionally challenged limo driver! That's a new one! Ha ha! Hope you are ok. It's a such a long time since I've been over here.