Thursday, May 01, 2008

Antelope Valley Christian Writers Conference

It is off to one more writers conference tomorrow. I must say that I'm a little nervous, traveling by myself, and driving over a hundred miles. This is after I attend my writers group in the morning before heading out to Lancaster in the Antelope Valley. The IRS promised my tax refund would be in my bank account on 4/25/08. Well, let's give them a few more days. But with the price of gas I am going to need that refund.

In any case, the AV writers conference is smaller than most. Just the way I like it. Of course, it could also be a little hazardous to my health. I am such a recluse and get very claustrophobic around people. Out of my comfort zone I shall go. Looks like I will be able to attend every workshop. No doubt I will learn too much and will need to buy the DVD's.

Needless to say, I am bringing five chapters of my book and shoving it in every publisher's face . . . nicely of course. And if you are reading this and are one of the publishers attending AVC then . . . . well . . . . never mind, I think I'm safe.

On other home news, Iron Man opens up tomorrow. Princes S. and young Lord Layne will go see it on Saturday. Let's see how much two weeks of work on that film gets Layne in face time. One can only hope. Have a great weekend and if you have the time come visit my blog at Yuwie. FYI, Yuwie bloggers average 50 comments per post over there. I'm just saying, it's nice to get read, so to speak.

Iron Man Article At AC


Sharon Lynne said...

Just stopping in to say hi! Glad to see you're coming tomorrow.

CyberCelt said...


I am new ADMIN at the Blog Village Top List. I clicked in on your banner this month for you.

I saw that you used to do interviews with BV members. Are you still interested in doing that?

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