Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Computers, Ink and Troubleshooting

With the piles of necessary reports to print, newsletters to hand out and brochures to create, it would indeed be nice to find a few discounts on those ink cartridges now and again. For example, deep discounts would be appreciated off Dell all-in-one multifunction machine supplies. One can breathe a deep sigh of relief, so to speak.

All right then, let us find coupon codes. Knock a little off those sky high prices here and there from major brands? Canon, Epson, Brother or Dell? Sweetness! Furthermore, here's seven tips for saving ink. A must-read as one can imagine. It is not only one store, by the way, that offers up to 80% off retail pricing. Indeed, the good folks at InkjetDeals have a list of stores available for you all to browse through.

And if you need to do a little troubleshooting (that's always a special treat for the Gatekeeper) check out these tips and make life a little easier. One must take care of all that gibberish or connections lost etc. with stubborn inkjet printers.

In any case, the expense of running a small business or even a home computer can be mighty expensive. Save yourselves a few dollars, or a hefty amount of gold bars, and find those quality printer supplies for prices you can deal with.

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