Thursday, March 27, 2008

Saving Up To Buy Your Own Castle?

It is a tad bit difficult for the Gatekeeper to feel the pinch of the hardships of our economy when she has been so blessed. The castle is paid for and even her means of transportation is now solely hers. Nonetheless, many homes are up for sale in the neighborhood, some are in need of finding renters and more than three are now back in the custody, so to speak, of the bank. Indeed, a sad statistic.

However, Lady Gatekeep was reading an interesting news article about Mortgages in the UK. I do have a few friends who reside there and quite enjoying the lifestyle. But in reading this article, the Lady was surprised to read that many who have saved enough to put a deposit toward buying their own little Castle have actually spent that money on other things. Mostly gadgets of sorts and other fashionable things. Extraordinary really. It would make sense, as this article mentioned, that if one is single minded and set some realistic goals then it would be possible to have that down payment sooner than anyone would think.

Makes sense to the Gatekeeper. Save my friends, no matter where you live, do not squander those savings on things you might not need and soon you will abide in a Castle of your own.

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