Thursday, March 06, 2008

Christian Homeschool Online

When we decided to let our teenage son go back to public school it was always with the intent to start homeschooling again once the school year was over. It has not really been a successful venture in the public school system plus the fear of whether or not our kids are safe is a constant concern.

We've looked into The MorningStar Academy which is a wonderful online school. This, of course, works very well for us. Mr. High School Sophomore is constantly having to go on home studies since most of his acting jobs take him away for days and sometimes weeks.

In any case, a big advantage with The Academy is that you can take your child's work wherever you go. Records are kept and accessible to parents 24/7. Also, teacher conferences can happen at your convenience--over the phone or updates about your student will be answered through email. My moody teen really felt like he had a personal teacher. As a matter of fact there is one on one online tutoring which was extremely helpful for my son. Not to mention that a parent is in the home for extra encouragement. Of course, we can drive each other crazy at times but you do learn how to schedule "time outs" from one another.

In conclusion it's an awesome Christian community with over 140 Christian courses. The MorningStar Academy is accredited, affordable and you don't have to get into the car for a teacher's conference. We'll probably be setting up the school area again soon after summer 2008.

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