Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Boston Piano Man

The Gatekeeper was just wondering if you have ever strolled down to the gloomy basement of a music store, or perhaps to the very back? Sometimes the treasures that are buried there are absolutely priceless. Restored vintage pianos or old majestic organs from which heavenly music can still be heard. They are indeed something to just gaze upon. Listen to the sound tracks of some old movies and you shall get the gist of it.

Our castle has always possessed a piano but alas, since we have had to move to the desert dear Brother has inherited the family prize. Lady Gatekeeper has had thoughts lately of gathering some gospel music sheets, wrap it in crumpled Victorian Christmas paper tied with a little bit of lace and leave it at their doorsteps. Ah yes, a little flare for the dramatics.

In any case, the Piano Man has offered a little wisdom and is always happy to assist in any of your piano needs. I would assume that even a Grand Piano has graced their floors and might find its way to the Castle soon. One can only hope. It has also been rumored that Piano Man's staff is like the most friendliest people ever. No pressure there. You will have to find that out for yourself.

As for other products and services the Piano Man will tune your fine instrument, clean, tune, repair and will even move your piano from one Castle to the next. Furthermore, to learn from the best, come and find the timeless pieces from Ludwig Van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Oh, even their names bring music to my ears. The Gatekeeper is pleased to let you know that these music sheets are actually free to download.

In conclusion we would like to mention that The Piano Man also offers lessons. Remember it is never too late to start. With that in mind, one must exercise their fingers, stretch them out and enjoy the tinkling of the ivories coming ever so gently (or not) from within your own living room walls. May you all be blessed with the sounds of music.

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