Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What? Christmas Is Over?

Ah yes, you thought . . . the season is all but gone, my friends. But not so, says the Gatekeeper. After all it was the Christmas lights that joyfully decorated any shop, home or even the landscape of our vast desert.

So may I propose we keep those lights up all year round. Perhaps the red and green lights we shall banish for a while but what of those cozy white snowy looking ones. That could cheer up the neighborhood. Well all right then. Lady Gatekeeper did find out for your benefit that it won't cost you much at all to keep the lights burning year round. 'Tis no secret it might only cost one fifty dollars (for 365 days, mind you) to brighten your back yard or front porch or that pretty tree everyone can see from the streets below if your castle was perched on top of that mountain.

Why I dare say that folks will want to celebrate the 4th of July right in your back yard. A night wedding perhaps. It is all good. Plus we have learned that an "after-Christmas" sale might be going on as we speak. Therefore, keep the lights afire around your home and forever in your hearts.


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