Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Latest Interview Is Up At Blog Village

Greetings precious readers. Even those who leave nasty comments. Lady Gatekeeper was given a wonderful opportunity to to ask author, Meredith Gould, a few golden questions a little while ago. She is quite an amazing lady. Meredith is funny, witty and indeed, very gracious, as ladies should be. Unless wielding a sword, of course. At any rate, Lady M. is the author of books such as, Tips For Your Home Office, Staying Sober: Tips For Working A Twelve Step Program Of Recovery, and Deliberate Acts of Kindness: Service As a Spiritual Practice.

The interview has been posted in its entirety at Blog Village which is hosted by none other than Lady Dirty Butter. We do invite you, one and all, to join our esteemed community of bloggers, if it is pleasing to you, and you too could be featured in the Village. In any case, we hope you enjoy the interview and visit Meredith's blog while you are at it. You shall be thoroughly entertained.

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