Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm Sorry But It's Football Season

Surely one knows that with her beloved Seahawks in the playoffs this post was long overdue. We must not jinx this winning streak, however, so it will be short and sweet, so to speak.

What attracts a woman to the game is a rather interesting question. Not one Lady Gatekeep knows the answer to. Nontheless, there she is each Sunday cheering on one team or the other. Of course, when the Seahawks play, non-Seahawk fans must leave the room. :)

This opening game of the playoffs was particularly tough as Joe Gibbs has been a favorite character of the Gatekeeper. His faith has inspired many. Not to mention that the Redskins had so much emotion riding on this game. The outcome, I'm afraid, could not have gone any other way. Those boys in red were running on empty. We are the victors and on to Green Bay it is. Where again, emotions and for the love of Brett, we shall be known as the under dogs.

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