Monday, December 17, 2007

PSA Shot DownTown LA

Friday was cold, way too cold to look cool. But he had to do it. Layne was dressed all punky and ready to hit the back alleys of Los Angeles. It must have looked a little suspicious to passers by when a bunch of kids (still roaming a dark alley with loud music around 10:00pm) yelling and partying and basically getting themselves into a whole bunch of trouble. Yet there they were.

It was all good though as these rowdy kids were shooting an anti-smoking PSA (public service announcement) for Virginia Tobacco (court-ordered for them to do so, I believe).

LA is not the best of places to be in when the sun goes down. But we did find a great little oasis in the middle of this concrete jungle. It was pretty amazing--like a small part of Italy; a little brick street with flower boxes and medieval knights . . . clean!. Warm fuzzies. Anyway, it was a ten hour day, everyone had little red noses and glad to get into our warm cars to drive home.

Now driving home is a whole other story. LA is riddled with one-way streets which is a cause of my anxiety. Actually I was unusually calm and even though we got lost I eventually found a main street, took a left turn and found the on ramp to the freeway. That never happens to me. I'm still not ever going back there, unless I had to. I'm such a country girl.

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