Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The First Week Of December

It is our third consecutive night in a motel room. Not a bad stay, so to speak. Layne has been working on the movie that we are not allowed to talk about. Quite funny actually since Paramount has already released a trailer.

In any case this will be day eight on the set which made it hard to stay on my diet and exercise plan. Stayed the course as best as I could. We shall see how I do next week. Both Layne and I are coughing up smoke and trying to get the red out of our eyes. Pleasant! Bombs went off today with (controlled) reckless abandon. "Fire in the hole" is what we heard an awful lot. Ear plugs helped a little with that machine gun fire and we watched stunt men get thrown against walls, shoved to the stony ground and what not. It's been a blast!

Layne went on independent study for the week. Hopefully he can get all of his school work done to deliver to his teachers next Monday. I've met a group of wonderful people and we exchanged emails and cell phone numbers. This list is growing rather large. You could always read up on our Misadventures in Hollywood, if you are interested. Tomorrow is probably our last day since this movie is in post-production we're not expecting a call back. It's been fun and I'm looking forward to getting back to normal life for a while. Merry Christmas to all.


Lady G~ said...

Ok, that movie looks like a definite must see! WOW! How totally awesome that your young Squire is in it. I grew up watching all those Mavel Comics heroes on tv. :o)

We surely have been very busy. You can read my family blog at:
I've been able to keep that one up a little more cause my family reads it and they keep up with what we are doing.

Right now we are preparing for our vacation. :o) Tons to do before we depart. I don't have a laptop, so I won't be able to get online while on vacation. Which to think of it, it's probably a good idea. LOL!

Hope you and yours have a blessed Christmas!

OH, the music you have playing on your blog really ROCKS!

Lady Gatekeeper said...

Hi Lady G. I am going to miss you. But I want you to have a wonderful vacation. And definitely have a most blessed Christmas.

BTW, the music playing on 'me' little blog is my cousin's radio station called FreedomFest Radio. Pretty cool huh? Merry Christmas, my friend.