Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Of Stories And Articles

Here's the Gatekeeper's newest article about working with her young squire on the set of CSI: Miami. It was actually a post here on my blog. I vamped it a little, added a few more details and submitted it to Associated Content. I retitled it "Body Double For A Day: Working On The Set Of CSI Miami." I know, they like long titles over there.

If you like to read other articles and stories by yours truly you could really boost my writing career, at least the one online. Of course, you could submit your own articles and make a decent living with it. Join us here. See you there.

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Lady G~ said...

Ok, my bubble has been burst. I thought that CSI Miami was done in Miami, my birthplace and hometown. :o( I've recognized some of the streets and buildings. Do they do "any" filming in Miami?

I really enjoyed reading your article. How very kewel that your Squire got to be in a CSI show. I'm a big fan of both CSI shows.

I don't care for David Caruso. We keep hoping they... ah... do away with him. I would have to say that Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) and Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez)are my favorite characters. Eric Delko reminds me of my brother. I Like Calleigh's accent. I love how she said, "be still my heart" as she was walking into the gun vault. He character has a love for guns/weapons as I do. LOL!

I look forward to reading more on how your Squire is coming along in acting career and all the little life's lessons he's learning. Good thing he's got a godly mom to guide him along. ;o)

The Gatekeeper said...

Hi Lady G. I guess they would have to film some scenes in Miami. LOL. But it's mostly scenery, I believe. Yes, the business of Hollywood is sooooo deceptive.

I struggled yesterday a little bit. Lord Spanky was offered a small role in Will Farrell's new movie, "Step Brother." They called four times. I said no four times. Lord Spanky's role would have been to get cussed out by Will Farrell, over and over again. It would have been a nice paycheck. Just waiting on the Lord.

BTW, You're too kind Lady G.

Lady G~ said...

When our Fair Maidens were younger, they you to be models. They appeared in school books and ads.

They once wanted our Soaring Amongst The Clouds to do a shot where she would be holding a cigarette, while the other children would be posed opposite her, sort of inferring that smoking is not good for you. We said no. But they still kept calling for her and the other Fair Maidens. It even got to the point where certain photographers would ask specifically the our Fair Maidens. :o)

God is good... ALL the time. ;o)