Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Conversation In Hell

The second Chapter of The Warriors is almost ready for publication at Associated Content. Therefore, I would invite you to read the first conversation right here. It went something like this . . .


The Whisperer and the nine-foot Abaddon are standing side by side like father and son. The fire stirs hot and angry within them. Never before has either felt pure evil in this form ― life created for the sake of wickedness. It is eternal. Abaddon (known in Canaan as The Destroyer) is healed and he will waste no time to exploit his new powers.

The Whisperer glares at the Dark Lord of the South River with nothing but contempt. The Dark Lord cracks his ancient bones of his neck as he circles Pernicious. “I had no desire to see you healed,” he says.

“Be careful, my lord, I am a Whisperer after all. You do not know the depth and width of my powers. Can you make the Canaanite hear what is not spoken or see what is not there? Can you sway him to turn from his righteous ways and give up his place in the heavens? No, my lord, you cannot.”

Abaddon will not stomach the ranting of the Whisperer and demands an end to his chatter. “Lord of the South River, go your way,” he snaps. “We are done with you.”

The Dark Lord bows slowly and takes his leave. He is gone before the Whisperer has a chance to speak again.


The gatekeeper hopes you will read the whole conversation which can be found right here.

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