Monday, September 03, 2007

The Optic Planet

Let's see if Lady Gatekeeper can find the perfect pair of binoculars for one and all. This, apparently, requires a visit to OpticsPlanet. I must say, however, one can go extremely nutty deciding which to buy since they have as many binoculars as the heavens have stars. In any case, shall we do a little research on the celestron binoculars?--good quality lenses, precision manufacturing processing and (it is what they pride themselves with), uncompromising quality control. It's a good start indeed.

At any rate, Lady Gatekeeper does not enjoy a night at the opera unfortunately, though the Optics Planet can help if you do. Ah, but a good pair of binoculars would have helped Lord Spanky at the Angels game the other day. And a nice digital camera binocular would be sweet for all those action shots.

Free shipping for all your orders over $29.95 is an even sweeter deal. Nonetheless, bird watchers, star gazers and all you night vision adventurers, I dare say, the Planet will be a fun place for a virtual visit.

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