Thursday, September 27, 2007

Does Anyone Not Have A Credit Card?

Lady Gatekeeper would thus like to know (before she offers up any of her own wisdom on the matter) your opinion on the pros and cons of using credit cards. A tough subject in this household. Nonetheless, it is tackled now and again. Especially with Princess S. needing all those books for the university and whatnot. The cost of higher learning is rather steep and scholarships are hard to come by, or at least, never covers all expenses.

Nevertheless, we do try to use that convenient little card sparingly. However, when family came over from Australia we noticed quite an array of shiny credit cards in very thick wallets. I believe a travel credit card was used on many a shopping excursion. Cousin did say there was an 0% introductory rate for six months--must be careful, I declare, and find out what happens after the six months. Could be good, who knows. The Co-operative Bank in the UK I heard even has a card that could earn money for a charity or organization as you spend. Worth looking into.

Do you have an opinion on such matters? Let us know. I suppose if one was diligent in making prompt payments a card would be beneficial. A zero balance each month would be quite beneficial also. After all, a good credit report is something to be proud of. Indeed. Spend wisely, my friends, and it is always good to pay back what you owe.

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