Friday, September 21, 2007

The Dell Community

Where is it one would normally shop for computers? For the Gatekeeper, to make life a little simpler, so to speak, she shopped in the virtual of Dell for her laptop. Her quaint Inspiron B130 has literally saved her life on many occasions; big enough screen yet small enough to pack away into her briefcase.

The infamous Lord Spany works in the entertainment business, you see, so her Inspiron B130 comes in very handy. All his schoolwork is acquired at the virtual academy of higher learning and the young squire's schooling is done on television and movie sets. And she has told me, she's never been disappointed with the shopping experience at Dell.

Many cheap laptops are available in the Land of Dell right now. A few dollars over $400 sounds is not exactly the price of gold. And you can always add the hardware that's important to you. Programs you need, remember, not just fun stuff you want. Well, that is her take on the issue. Spend wisely, my friends.

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Lady G~ said...

Oh no! We just bought Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Still Waters a laptop for their birthday. Oh well, we'll be purchasing another one in a couple of months. Daughter of the King is going to need one when she attends the University. Thanks for the heads up.

We've been extremely busy lately. I have tried to catch up. Come by and visit me. :o)