Saturday, August 25, 2007

What I Did Today

Look what I can do. It's one way of spending a Saturday--put pictures on T's I mean. Oh wait, I also half-poisoned myself with all those chemicals we threw in our little pool to get that cloudy murky stuff out. Typed up a few gazillion pages for Dad's blog and cooked up a little corn beef brisket. And I did check in for jury duty. You can do that online now. My jury duty has been postponed so I don't have to show up on Monday. But then I must call in everyday. Here's lookin' to Friday. Oh my. I forgot to tell the court I have no car at this moment. Hmmm. One could only hope they care. Not!

In any case, here's our Gatekeeper T-Shirts made over at SpreadShirt. Just tryin' to have some fun!

Wide Strap Tank - Women Lion And Lamb
Lion And Lamb T-Shirt
Spreadshirt Market Place Product
Spaghetti Strap Tank - Women Back Off!!

Spreadshirt Market Place Product
Back Off!!T-Shirt

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