Wednesday, August 08, 2007

To Know Me Now Is To Thoof Me Later

It is evident that the Gatekeeper can no longer come up with clever blog titles. No matter, she still has a few friends to keep reading her little pieces of life nuggets (they do come to her once in a while). When those are gone, she'll try to humor you. Nonetheless, it is of great importance to her that each reader should travel to the Land of Thoof and get their own dose of personalized news.

No really, she tells you the truth. Journey across the information highway to the Land of Thoof and explore the world of news that would be of interest to only you. What more can one ask? It's happy news, it's odd news and, of course, you can add your own opinion news. I dare say, one could start their own advice column.

If perchance you had news of your own, simply submit it into the pages of Thoof. As a matter of fact, I believe, the Gatekeeper herself has been given ample opportunity to report her own news--book reviews, treasure hunts and new lands to visit. Likewise, I'm sure, a blogger as yourself has much to say and could conceivably send them a post or two--already written within the pages of your blog. Indeed!

Furthermore, there's a ThoofRank button one can imbed into a blog or the actual blog post--a simple process. This would allow you to track how many people, or how crazy interesting your twisted tale really is (we're just sayin'). By the way, a point of interest to mention, one could really drive traffic Thoof, um . . . I mean through the roof! You can Thoof me later.

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