Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Ed #14

Thirteen Pro Athletes We Can Still Admire.

This is a quick list of good-guy athletes. Yes, they do exist. They just don't get the press and they probably don't mind.

1. Curt Schilling (Boston Red Sox): It's that whole bloody sock incident and him telling the team there's no such thing as "the curse." And he's finally speaking out about his faith.

2. Matt Hasselback (Seattle Seahawks): He got a little cocky there when he played against the Packers, but when he got put in his place he humbled himself. He's always talked about his faith.

3. David Eckstein (St. Louis Cardinals, though he'll always be an Angel): He plays with heart, loves his family and I could go on about this little man, but just google him.

4. Eric Karros (Los Angeles Dodgers, retired, awesome broadcaster): Didn't mind that buddy Mike Piazza took all the glory. He raises money for the pediatrics dept. at Lynwood Medical Center. I've volunteered at his golf tournament and he's a gem of a gentleman.

5. Shawn Alexander (Seattle Seahawks): Most beautiful smile with a quiet and gentle spirit to die for. Always keeps the faith.

6. Andy Pettitt (New York Yankees): Don't respect the Yanks much but Andy is someone to look up to. He's a team player and gets along with all of his colleagues. When playing for the Houston Astros and the press accused him of saying "Oh, my God!" in anger it was his team mates that corrected the media. Andy said "Oh my gosh" and they were not angry words. He was just amazed at the home run hit by . . . sorry I forgot who hit that. Forever keeps the faith.

7. Tim Salmon (LA Angels of Anaheim, retired): Anyone who can stay with one team deserves to be respected. And get this--Tim runs a boot camp for Daddies-to-be (rookie dads) to become veteran-daddies-that-are. Apparently the dads get to bring the kids to boot camp. Nice!

8. Tony Dungy (Indianapolis Colts): Wow! Google him and take the time to read his son's story. Faith in Jesus carried this family through their darkest moments. I'm glad they are the Super Bowl Champs.

9. Rick Ankiel (St. Louis Cardinals): So how does a guy go from awesome pitcher to can't find the strike zone in one year then disappears from baseball and emerges as a homerun hitter six years later? Ask Adam Kennedy who apparently kept the faith for him.

10. Shawn Green (New York Mets): Our most awesome Jewish young man. Tried to keep the Sabbath and even refused to play on Yum Kippur (sp?), at least I think that was the Jewish holy day. He's getting a little bit of an attitude in New York--go figure.

11. Ryan Klesko (San Fran Giants): Seriously needs to get out of Giant territory. Likes to share his faith with fans after games. Well, he did when I was there at a San Diego game in their old stadium.

12. Jeff Burton (NASCAR #31): He's the quiet race car driver lovingly called JB. He's a gracious winner, loves God, family and racing. It's a good order of things.

13. Curt Warner (Arizona Cardinals): He had two good years with the Rams and then his arm faded. I loved it when the Cards were on the verge of beating the Bears last season but fell behind by a few points with a minute or so left in the game and he told Matt Leinard, "You can do this, you were made for this." Aww, he's still cool. Keep the faith Curt and may you find one more good season.

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Great list.

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interesting list, I have learned many things.

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Anonymous said...

great list, I do not know much of anyting about sports, it is good to know there are still some good role models there!
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You are most welcome, Mama Archer.