Friday, August 24, 2007

Team Captains For Memory Walk

At our house warming party my mom introduced me to her long time friend. Her friend smiled but she was silent, and didn't even seem to recognize who was doing the introductions. I learned later that Mom's friend suffered from Alzheimer's.

Therefore, if I may, let me tell you about The Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk. It is the nation's largest event to not only raise awareness for this disease, but to also raise funds for care, support and research. The Memory Walk has raised an impressive $225 million and the Association is once again asking for our help.

First and foremost if you would like to be a Team Captain you can sign up online and start recruiting your team. You only need to find ten members for your team to raise around $200 and, of course, commit to the 3 mile walk. As a team captain you will have access to fund-raising tools. Furthermore, it's a wonderful opportunity to build relationships with family, new friends and perhaps colleagues. Build good relationships with your customers or clients and instill a sense of honor to that business of yours (or more honor). Walk with a purpose. And what could be better than uniting with family and friends for a great cause.

As a team captain you can get it all going, use your leadership skills and earn a lot of pride for having done your awesome part to better this world. Now there's something to live for.

There's a walk in all states and you can find one close to your neighborhood, I'm sure. So sign up for a walk near you and be a part of the solution. It's where champions are made.

Memory Walk

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