Sunday, August 12, 2007

Score Learning Centers

We try to stretch those warm summer days to the limit. Nonetheless, all good things will eventually end. Of course, we won't let the kids know, just yet anyhow, that we are once again preparing for another year of school.

As you might know, my son is homeschooled and we do pretty well. However, help is always welcome as we look into assistance for his reading. So, for us, Reading Tutors are constantly sought after. My young student needs a plan and something to spark an interest in reading would be nice. Not even "Harry Potter" could convince him to crack open a book. Perhaps "Mariah Mundi: The Midas Box" will fare better--one can only hope.

The Score Learning Centers, from all research we've done, seems to provide the necessary help and it won't take much time out of our day. It's probably a nice change of scenery for him. I'm looking forward to talking books with my teenager. Furthermore, the centers are conveniently located. Here's to the future and all those wonderful reading days.


Paddy O. said...

Having spent a year or so as an assistant manager I have nothing but nice things to say about Score! For students, at least. They were a little to sales oriented for my preference as an employee.

I really did see a lot of advancement and movement in the kids I worked with. Great motivation.

I bet if I keep writing the old spiel might start showing up again. :-)

The Gatekeeper said...

The old spiel hey? Score sounds like a place you would find a talented writer as yourself. You'd also make a great turor, my friend. Thanks for the thumbs up and I guess the thumbs down would come with what all companies try to do--a sales pitch is always there. But again, thanks for the thumbs up. You are good to my blog.