Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Great Advice About Kids And Money

Let's continue this great conversation about money and kids. Here's a wonderful little blog about teen investing to get us started. If you give your child an allowance or if your children are earning a living of some sort, the "Earn Smart Spend Smart" blog is definitely something you would want to read. The author, David Jones, is the CEO of PAYjr and has good council for what to do with money your young ones are earning.

What caught my attention was the tax issues kids and parent alike might have to deal with. It's not pleasant but a necessary lesson. My child makes a nice little bundle over the course of a year that we had to open a Coogan account and get him a work permit, since he's a minor. This very informative blog deals with more than just tax issues it teaches teens (and even younger kids) how to save and wisely invest their money. Take a look and see if the information is of interest to you--I suspect it will be.

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