Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Garage or Playroom?

Well, we got the okay to paint the cement under the patio a nice blueish satin color and now we're headed for the garage. A cement floor seems way to boring for grandfather king of the castle plus it might have to double for a rec room on occasion. Therefore, we kind of like the Car Guy Garage and checked into a few ideas for garage flooring.

There's quite a nice array of tiles to choose from and grandfather king did like the easy clean up aspect of these tiles. Grease is nicely wiped off, each tile is fire and chemical resistant and they won't crack. How's that for satisfaction? Wonder if we can put a pool table on it? We shall see. In any case we would probably give the play room, um, I mean the garage a sort of racing look. So let's go with the black and white squares and a few racing stripes around the perimeter. Oh yeah! Start your engines!

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