Friday, July 13, 2007

Pingo Phone Cards

This, my friends, is the last calling card you will ever need. That's the promise from Pingo who offer awesome deals on International prepaid phone cards. And with their Pingo RateWatcher you will always know if you really are getting the lowest prices.

The latest news: Pingo is now working with Qoof (there's a name you won't soon forget) who will pay the first 250 users to post their own videos called usermercial. Ah yes, technology.

Why Pingo you might ask? Well, let us see some of the benefits, shall we? Pingo has no hidden costs (always a plus). They will let you know every detail up front. They save you more than a buck here and there on international calls. That ought to be fine and dandy for Aunt Betty who lives in Australia and demands you call her on the dot every Saturday. And hear this, you can put your entire family or company on Pingo and manage their accounts through a central administration account. That service might be hard to beat.

Furthermore, if you refer a friend you will receive a nice bonus if they sign up. Who doesn't have friends who need calling cards. Indeed! I believe you will receive $5 bonuses into your account for every friend who signs up and if three join the party you get $20 of free calling time. That's a bonus, my friend.

In conclusion then, we have discovered that Pingo is one of the largest carriers of international VoIP calls in the world, no hidden fees or costs, great incentives to refer your friends and one more thing--just for signing up you will receive 4 free hours on international calls. What more could you ask for? Join now and enjoy!

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