Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Of Things Rev. Graham or G.P. Taylor Books

Okay so I couldn't come up with a more creative post title. Nonetheless, this is a post for one of my favorite authors, G. P. Taylor (I'm half way through Shadowmancer) who needs your vote for "Curse of Salamander Street" which has been shortlisted on The Yorkshire Book of the Year. What does "shortlisted" mean?

At any rate, get a copy of Curse of Salamander Street Signed and discover this amazing author for yourselves. Enjoy! I know you will.

And btw, please read the article by Buddy Hollywood. Has Harry Potter been dethroned????

Top US media gossip site has heralded a British book as the answer to life after Harry Potter.

Buddy Hollywood - Your Friend in Entertainment published the news on its site late Monday (25th June)

In all the excitement of the Harry Potter release, Buddy Hollywood have tipped British author GP Taylor's latest book Mariah Mundi and The Midas Box as the title likely to take over from the scar faced wizard on his demise.

Such is the story of the novel that Buddy said, "this book combines the big story of CS Lewis and the plot of an Indiana Jones movie. Probably why Hollywood is already queuing to get their hands on the rights for the book." Taylor who was dubbed by the BBC as the new CS Lewis was silent about the extreme interest that Mariah Mundi is receiving.

Buddy Hollywood went on to say about the book that "if the initial response to Mariah Mundi is to be believed, we could genuinely be looking at the book series that will replace Harry Potter at the top of every child's wish list."

Read the rest here, it's awesome! . . .


Paddy O. said...

There's life after Harry Potter?

Well, two more movies are left I suppose.

The Gatekeeper said...

Hehehe! Yes, my friend, don't you worry, there is life after Harry. You'll be fine. And when can we get a copy of your book????? I would love to do a review. Congrats again.

Paddy O. said...

I hope so. I have my doubts though. Is there a worry about this in your family now too? I'm both happy and concerned I helped with an addiction. :-)

Oh and thanks! Book won't be out until November 1, but email me and maybe I can get a pre-pub copy your way for a review. They're looking for select bloggers.

The Gatekeeper said...

We have one addiction, and going through withdrawals quite nicely. We've locked her up in the closet under the stairs with nothing but C.S. Lewis books and water. Hahaha! JK.

I'll email you soon, my friend.