Saturday, July 21, 2007

More MisAdventures of the Almost Famous

Lady Gatekeeper poses this question to her young Squire and Princess who like to work and play in Hollywood; How far shall we take this acting and directing thing? It has been almost three years now, there's a little bit of experience to speak of and lessons to remember. Is there a place for either of you, young Christians in Hollywood? No doubt. But if you cannot make your own breaks there are not too many parts available unless you cross that line. Do not cross that line.

We can rely on the wisdom of a few friends who have lived that Hollywood life or are on their way. Dennis Baker is always willing to share his knowledge, wisdom and experience as he has done in the past. And you can rely on organizations like Hollywood Connect. Act One is also a valuable source. Here is what the good folks over there say about the industry and what they prepare you for. It is a tough world out there and you are not of it, but you are in it. And I believe you both can make a difference for the better.

In any case it is fun, indeed, for Mom Gatekeep to write about all your misadventures (and accomplishments) in Hollywood and actually get paid for it. Do hang in there my children, give it all to the Lord and He shall bring it to pass. Hollywood is a beautiful lie--bring truth.


Part of the Journey

The Heartbreak Kid (Starring Ben Stiller, Michelle Monaghan)
Sleeper Cell (Starring Oded Fehr)
Getting Started In Hollywood

The adventure continues!


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