Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Junior's Financial Lessons

Financial responsibility should start in their early teens, don't you think? Yes, I've talked about this PAYjr Visa Buxx card before but it bares repeating. Remember your teen, as young as fourteen, can apply for his own credit card that operates the same as an ATM card. There's nothing he or she can spend that isn't there. Plus you, the parent, have access to the account (but don't tell them that just yet).

In any case today, July 11th 2007, Visa Buxx has launched a sort of competition worthy enough to mention here. Sounds like a lot of fun as well. "Love me, Love my Card, Design Your True Self" contest that gives teens the option of uploading images in order to design their very own card. Financial education, one might say, just became cool, or happening, or . . . well you get the point.

The competition then allows one to upload one's own card design, as I have so stated afore. Others can vote for their favorite designs and the winner shall receive a new Apple Macbook amongst other worthy prizes. One more thing to add here, every and all approved designs shall be eligible to earn royalties if others choose to use said design to decorate their own individual card.

So come now, that is a wonderful thought. And in the meantime one can teach their teen about financial responsibility. It is a great goal after all. Good luck, have fun and enjoy these learning years!


ratbert said...

help me out. tell me how this post "serves the Lord." really. i am so curious. or does "the Lord" refer to financial security and lots of nice prizes? damn.

The Gatekeeper said...

Well, I have disclosed here that I am making a living with this blog. I haven't taken on any paying jobs that would be inappropriate. This particular post for Visa Buxx is something I used to teach my daughter how to handle her own finances. Actually, that's Biblical, wouldn't you say? So I thought it fit well here.

How does it serve the Lord? First of all, I'm working here, so I can stay home, homeschool my other teenager, and thus providing for both of them as a single mom.

I certainly didn't mean to stir such anger in you. And, btw, if you could next time, perhaps you could watch your language.

ratbert said...

Hello Gatekeeper,

You are right, I should not have said "damn." I'm sorry. And good luck making a living -- I did not know that was what you were doing!

Lady G~ said...

Lady Gatekeeper, how right you are. We are to be "good stewards". But I would have to say that teaching our children financial responsibility can start even earlier than their teen years.

We have never done allowances. Our children don't get paid for helping to keep our Castle clean. For us, we feel that it's a family responsibility to help one another. The load is easier to bear that way.

Our Fair Maidens started modeling when they were younger. They were 5,4 & 3. My 3 yr. old didn't start until she turned 4. Their shots were used in school books and magazines. They modeled until they were 13. All they money they made, they saved. They gave 10% to the church, 10% for their own spending and the rest they put away. They were very careful as to what they wanted to purchase. They were not frivolous spenders.

To this day, they are good stewards. Our Squires are good stewards too. Which is a blessing, cause my Knight and I learned the hard way. Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace. \o/

The Gatekeeper said...

I agree, Lady G., especially about teaching them how to tithe. I'm afraid my daughter didn't learn good stewardship until 14, when we finally learned of this card through our bank. Oh, bother I should have known to teach her when she was younger. I think I was rebelling a bit (oops, confession). . . that's another story. My son, however, has done well for a long time. I got wise. Yes, how would I survive without His mercy and grace.