Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Girl, A Dog, And A House For Rent

Besides pool parties, barbecues and lots of baseball games on local networks, summer has been a time to dive through the many lists of houses for rent. College Girl has decided to give it a try. A good paying job, a couple of room mates, a new puppy and a quaint starter house to rent, and she's ready to tackle the real world.

Never having to stray far from her lap top, we found a perfect little home at Rental.com, photographs included, and all the necessary information, including the lease agreement, was provided there. The rent seemed in our price range, location is ideal and everything could be handled online. Even the landlord could be reached by filling out a form on the website.

My College girl and her two roomies should do well as they each would get their own bedroom and two bathrooms to share. Details of the house (a barbecue and fire pit in the back yard for example) were listed and one can find a mover with a click of that mouse. It's just too hard to find a good, affordable rental so Rental.com is a blessing indeed. Stay cool.

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Lady G~ said...

Looks like a perfect little place. That's great she found good roomies to room with.

I know the day will come when our Fair Maidens who attend the local college will have to move closer to the University they'll be attending. The commute will be over an hour. :o(

One attends a private University that's less than 30 minutes away. So she is able to stay at home. :o)