Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Future of Hockey Site

Remember the Mighty Ducks? Well, we dropped the "Mighty" and then proceeded to win the Stanley Cup. Lady Gatekeep has a soft spot for her Ducks and was very disappointed when she had to miss the last game of the playoffs because Lord Spanky was in the little league finals. Go figure! We have DVR!!

In any case, for all you hockey fans in and beyond California I present to you the future of hockey site. Interested in the Ducks' top ten nhl draft picks? They are all there: the top three being Bobby Ryan, Mark Mitera, and Jean-Philippe Lavasuer (say that five times fast and you knew we had to have one name no one could pronounce).

At any rate, the site has news and updates on every team around the globe. Yes, you can keep up with hockey in other nations. After all, they wind up in the NHL most of the time, then return to play for their homeland in the Olympics--as it should be, I suppose. And get this, the HF site has their own radio station. So keep your skates close by, your sticks low and take it easy on the HF boards. Check out the national rankings and see who's favored for the gold. It's safe to say if you live and breathe hockey you probably won't have to go anywhere else. Stay warm now.


Anonymous said...

WH Smith find surprise competitor to Harry Potter.

British book chain WH Smith are dancing in the aisles today as figures for the first days sale of Harry Potter Deathly Hallows came racing in. Not only did they achieve an astounding result for the much anticipated final book of the Potter series, they also had an unexpected success from a surprising source.

It was a thing of Muggle magic gone mad.Over TWENTY THOUSAND copies of a back catalogue paperback flew out of the 600 stores in the WH Smith chain in FIVE HOURS as if Harry himself had put a 'sellemquick' spell over them.

Ransacked by house-elves
To the surprise of staff, copies of Wormwood by GP Taylor disappeared as if an army of marauding shop lifting Dobby elves had ransacked the stores. The nearest top selling paperback was High School Musical which had only sold four thousand copies nationally in a WEEK.

Wormwood had been chosen by book executives at WH Smith as 'The Perfect Partner for Harry Potter.' A candidate in the scramble to see which children's series will now compete with JK Rowling's famous offspring. Originally published by the prestigious Faber and Faber in 2004, Wormwood has already been a best seller. A Faber official said 'to sell 20 thousand in a year would be good, but in a DAY is amazing.' The figures make Wormwood a #1 British paperback for the 2nd time around...

GP Taylor has already gone "toe to toe" with JK Rowling - 15 weeks at the top of the paperback charts while the Potter author was the best seller in hardback. For battling it out with the Queen of Scotland he gained the title 'Hotter than Potter and has since been dubbed by the BBC as 'the new CS Lewis.'

Mariah Mundi to keep cashtills ringing.
Now that JK Rowling has signed off her final instalment of Harry Potter, GP Taylor will be prominent among the contenders to take over her mantle. Speculation is growing that Taylor's Mariah Mundi and The Midas Box may be the book series to entertain children and adults alike and bring life after Harry Potter. The Sunday Times listed Taylor as a possible candidate as did the BBC on the same day Potter was released. "And when Harry Potter hangs up his wizard's cloak, booksellers will be looking to GP Taylor's autumn release, Mariah Mundi - The Midas Box, to keep the cashtills ringing." said a report by Sean Coughlin of BBC online.

'Like the Potter books, the Mariah Mundi stories will be a seven-part series, with publishers Faber and Faber buying up the books with a "seven figure deal".
But GP Taylor says it's time to draw a line under the fantasy and wizardry of the Potter years - and his new book offers "grit" rather than dragons.

It will be a whodunnit, set in a hotel in the north east of England, with a boy and girl as the lead characters - both outsiders, presented with an edge of realism rather than magic.'

The Vicar, exorcist and former night club bouncer said,' I am sure the critics will hate it and the children and adults will love it. We have already had significant film interest in the book and those who have read it have really enjoyed it.' So far, librarians who have been usually hostile to Taylor's dark writing have been pleasantly surprised by the change in style and the use of humor in Mariah Mundi.

In the space of a week, news items and bloggers around the world were promoting GP Taylor and Mariah Mundi as a successor to Harry Potter. He said, "This summer is going to be the biggest event in children's literature - no matter who replaces her, we'll never see these times again."

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The Gatekeeper said...

Oh thanks, Anonymous, for that informative reply. I think I shall make a post out of that.