Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fellowship of the Fourth

Our Independence day was a hot one (around 103 Fahrenheit), as I suspect it was in many places. We cheated and went to see a movie. But it wasn't as cool in there as we had hoped and no stadium seating. That's the extent of my complaining because Spanky's coach gave us a movie gift certificate. So we went to see "Transformers" for free. See trailer. Here's a quick review:

First of all, it's probably the most awesome movie I've seen as far as action, adventure goes. I don't think "Live Free, Die Hard" will surpass it. The kids and I were talking about every character in "Transformers" all the way home. The action started about 60 seconds into the movie. Shia Lebeouf was surprisingly fun to watch. I do have an issue with Disney kids trying to cross over into the land of big people movies. He was fun though, actually he was hilarious, and he's definitely growing up into a sort of geeky cute young man.

So the good transformers I'll compare to guardian Angels which leaves the bad transformers to be from that other place of darkness and whatnot! Their transformation will astound you. It really gets you going when the good guys come crashing to Earth through Space. Nice! There's a part where I had to stop the tears from flowing because I refused to cry over a robot. Just one tear escaped. Bah!

Anyway, Josh Duhamel should have had a much bigger role, in my opinion, but then again he hasn't established a name for himself on that big screen. He's made the transition from the small screen very well. He's that tall, thin, with muscles, hero looking guy.

Overall, awesome movie, it's a must-see. One curse word, hardly audible or I'm going deaf, and the two kids kiss at the end. No big whoop there. I can do without the highschool boy/girl crush thing. But it all fits in. Go see it.

After the movie, we sat outside in the heat and barbecued a few hot dogs (two for our little hounds), corn on the cob and ate peach pie. Around 9:30 pm I walked to the front of the house and found neighbor to the right was barbecuing on the street. Fun! Their's was Shrimp on the barby and we got an invite to join them. I can't tell you, even after stuffing hot dogs, how much we enjoyed that shrimp (with beans, rice, chicken sate, onions, more corn etc)! Yes, the treadmill is calling my name.

Then we sat in our driveway and just watched all the fireworks (illegal here in desert land) with the forest rangers in their green firetrucks lining up in front of the wooded lands at the edge of the desert.

Our police officer neighbor, wife and kids eventually joined us around 11:00pm and brought out the telescope. We watched the yellow moon and could see every crater, and also Venus with its three moons (or that's what they looked like). We talked about movies, our men and women in Iraq and how God designed the universe. So glad it's all in his hands.

We also talked about books and how I am now determined to make a reader out of neighbor to the right. They have the LOTR trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia series right there on her shelves but she's never read them. Add another goal to that summer list--start book club with neighbors.

When 1:00am finally rolled around, the cold was nipping at our bones, the children lay sleeping on the grass and there was nothing left to say, the Fellowship of the Fourth disbanded to our respected castles. It was a great day!


Sharon Lynne said...

Sounds like a great day and night! Hmmm I'm not sure if Venus has moons. Maybe you were looking at Jupiter.

The Gatekeeper said...

Oh, like we knew anything about what was up there. LOL. Heheehe. We try.

Lady G~ said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Daughter of the King went to see it with some friends. She really liked it. We are all hoping to see it tomorrow afternoon.

My Knight says he wants to see it. He's not a big movie "goer". He'd rather wait to see it on dvd. He'll only see certain movies in the big screen. Movies like" LOTR, all the Star Wars and certain war movies. Over all he rather watch it in the comfort of his castle. :o) But me, I enjoy seeing movies in the big screen. :o)

Oh, Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Still Waters went to see, Live Free, Die Hard with some friends. Still Waters really liked it. I don't know how this happened but Soaring Amongst The Clouds fell asleep. She's my action flick companion. Must of been an off night for her. LOL! None of our children have ever seen any of the "Die Hard" movies. We've requested them from the library. We're going to have a "Die Hard" marathon. :o) Yippie-Kay-Yay! We'll leave it at that. :o)

The Gatekeeper said...

Fell ASLEEP!!! Heehehe. That is way too funny. I saw all the Die Hard movies on video, I think. No DVD around yet. Och, I'm old. Yeah, I agree with your knight, I love the comfort of my own castle but . . . Transformers is definitely meant to be seen on the big screen. Have fun with that Die Hard marathon. Get comfy cushions.