Monday, July 09, 2007

Car Guy In My Garage

Woa horsey, the car guy is not kidding when he says they have over 1000 items for your garage. Well, I don't have a garage . . . I have three! So let me see what Mr. Car Guy would suggest--a new floor perhaps? Very much desired since Gatkeeper's garage is just an extension of her castle.

Furthermore, we have much need for appropriate garage storage also. Indeed, we would use the Diamond Plate Garage Cabinets. What style! Every garage could use a touch of class. These cabinets are fine looking, clean and rich, with lots of room to store large and small tools as well as extra kitchen appliances(those pesty oversized pots and pans won't fit in kitchen cabinets). Shelves will help with organizing the gazillion bottles of nails and other small items. It's a winner. Go talk to the Car Guy and tell him the Gatekeeper sent you.

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