Friday, July 27, 2007

The Aussies Are Coming!

Oh, it's a strange and wonderful summer, indeed. I've quite forgotten all about this piece of me. I used to be an Aussie. I lived there for twelve years and did most of my schooling there--up to my junior year (10th grade over there) at Pine Rivers District State High School. There's a mouthful for you. Oh, no!! I just found their website. Memories! Excuse me, I'm going to cry. They still play Netball. Sigh. I wonder if our old church still exists?

In any case, when they transferred all my credits to the high school here they said I had enough to graduate. What! So I did.

Well, my baby cousin (who now has her own baby) is coming to visit. Her mom, My Aunt, is coming too. Maybe we can finally add a few more posts to Mom's 1942 Blog now. We shall see, it's getting awfully hard for them to retell this horrible tale.

Nonetheless, we are all excited for our Aussie family to come to our desert. We have the pool to keep their days cool and the lake is just a few minutes away. I can't wait to be Cousin Tour Guide. Oh what a reunion it shall be.


Lady G~ said...

How AWESOME! I love getting together with family. How long will they be visiting?

So how old were you when you graduated? My mom came to the United States (from Panama) when she was 16. She had enough credits to graduate too. But she stayed in school to practice her English.

The Gatekeeper said...

Hey there, Lady G. My family from down under will be visiting for three weeks. I can't wait to hear that accent again. My kids say I have a hint of it still when I talk sometimes. We are going to take them to a baseball game whether they like it or not.

And I was 16 when I graduated. I should have stayed in school for the sports, fun and making friends. Oh, well, I found friends in church. Talk to you soon.

prying1 said...

If you take 'em to a baseball game let 'em know to bring a book to read.

I go once a year or so for a church outing and I find it is necessary to be reading in order for anything exciting to happen on the field. While I'm watching the game it drags on and on and... About the same time I'm really into the book everyone makes noise and I say, "Whut happened?"

Enjoy the visit and don't cry too much when they decide it is time to return to down under. We still have eternity to visit with those we love...

The Gatekeeper said...

Oh, you are so sweet and funny. I will try the book thing, but I just love everything that goes on in a baseball stadium. It's just fun. And, yes, I will try not to cry when they go home and will always remember we still have eternity to visit with those we love. Have a great weekend P.

Naomi said...

It will be nice for you to see your family again Gatekeeper. I didn't realize you had lived in Oz. My boss has a house there. His partner is Australian.

The Gatekeeper said...

Yes, Naomi, the kids and I are very excited. My cousin is bringing a suitcase of new clothes for the kids. Even though we are doing so much better my family still insists on taking care of us. Ah, family. It's wonderful. And we are preparing for them and making sure we have Disneyland tix ready and all that. It will be great fun.