Saturday, June 16, 2007

To Find That Perfect Hotel

Would you be going to England this summer perhaps? Ride a double-decker bus? Visit the Queen's palace, tease a guard? Oh, behave. I would walk through the quaint country-side and sleep in a quiet village with thatch-roofed cottages. In any case, Finding Hotels in the UK on a Budget would most likely be on top of your list.

For me, without a doubt, having a clean hotel room is of the utmost importance, especially the bathroom--indeed. Fresh linens would be sweet, and a garden view is to die for. And if I were to stay for a while one would hope to have a pool with crystal blue water--always refreshing in the morning and a most relaxing luxury before turning in for the night.

All this to say that the Hotel Shop will find that special made to order, perfect 5 star hotel to suit your very needs, throughout the whole UK I might add. They do pride themselves in finding those last minute deals and it's conceivable a traveler could save up to 70%. Now that, my friends, would be another highlight for me. Enjoy the summer.

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Naomi said...

This is a good link to pass on. You're a girl after my own heart. I always appreciate a clean room above all else.

P.S. I've really enjoyed visiting your blog. There are some great posts on here. I'm sure you'll do well in your writing career. I have tried to visit before but for some reason your page would not load. Not sure why. Anyway it was ok this time.