Sunday, June 17, 2007

They Deliver the Gold

Believe it or not the castle is still in good hands. The gold is hidden somewhere safe, that's not to say I actually remember where it's hidden. But it is there nonetheless. Now, I must confess, there's nothing really that I would know of how to invest this, or anything else for that matter. A little help is needed perhaps. I'm thinking the value of that green paper stuff in our nation has lost its value, indeed.

Now, I'm not quite understanding it still, maybe you could lend your expertise. For instance am I right to disclose that such things as gas, food etc. has not gotten more expensive but, alas, the worth of our money is less. Quite, I dare say or something to that effect.

Ah, it is my gold that has not lost its worth. True, is it not? It is. Here we are then--may I suggest you unearth your treasure chest of Gold you stowed away for that rainy day, so to speak, and discuss monetary investment with the experts. Oh, yes, we have experts don't you know. Unfortunately it is not me, but may I direct you to the folks who live and breathe this stuff since 1967 (a little beyond my time I see).

Walk the path to Monex where they have the experience and resources, I might add, in any precious metals. I do love that word precious. In any case travel back with them to a time when our dollar apparently was backed by real money or silver (or my gold!). This is not to say I have much of any knowledge in this world but, no doubt, they do. After all they have helped over one hundred thousand investors and they look forward to helping you with all your investments. For heaven's sake, my friends, keep the castle.

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Naomi said...

Good post. I think money is worthless now the world over. It certainly is here in England. Everything has shot up so much. Our government has a lot to answer for.