Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Recalling The Police

Well gosh . . . here's something from Lady Gatekeeper's memory files. Barely a child I was, when Sting (who seems to be aging well), Andy and Stewart (I'm thinkin' he composed a few movie soundtracks?) hit the big scene. And I was living in Australia at the time so chances are we received the news of these boys a little later then those in the US. In any case, it seems that they are back with a new CD, a double wammy I believe. Honestly, I never did think they would re-unite. What does a Gatekeeper know of such things?

Ah yes, she does remember a few of her favorite Police songs which one can listen to on this new Police CD (release date was 6/05/07) which shall include Roxanne (oh the memories!), Message in a Bottle, Every Breath You Take and by the time Lady Gatekeep journeyed to America, Synchronicity haunted my MTV waves. It was a good thing.

Stewart Copeland is still one of my favorite drummers even though it was quite shocking what he had written on them. Nonetheless, we all grow up at some point. At any rate, there's around 28 songs on this CD for the elders to enjoy and the newbies to love. Let us see how this tour shall go. Rock on (now that's dating oneself)!

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Lady G~ said...

:o) I too was a Police fan. I got to hear them once when they went to Miami. Great concert. :o)

My Fair Maidens are Sting fans. Sting sings a song with Alison Krauss called, You Will Be My Ain True Love. That song just tugs at my heart. Ever since I heard that, I've called my Knight, my ain true love. I even blogged about it: