Friday, June 29, 2007

The Days on Movie Sets

I took one of my old posts, added a few sentences, and sold it to Associated Content. It's about a couple of fun days working on the set of "Sleeper Cell" on which Layne played a Yemen school boy. I was observing Oded Fehr (The Mummy, Resident Evil), marked a few mental notes in my already crowded head, and later blogged about it. Take a quick look, if you will, at "Notes From Sleeper Cell" published at AC and may it be an example of how easy it is to make a few dollars of your old posts. I also receive a sort of royalty for every page view (this is after they already paid me). Enjoy and thanks.


Sharon Lynne said...

Very interesting article! Are you making a scrapbook for Layne?
(Of course, boys never read that sort of thing!)

The Gatekeeper said...

I think a scrap book would be sooo cool. However, always trying to find a way to make a few extra dollars, I was debating whether to get it published with We shall see. How's yer garden?

Lady G~ said...

You'd be surprised, boys do like to have their own scrapbook. My nephew played ball up to when he was at the University. His best friend's mom kept a scrapbook for her own son. I remember hearing my nephew mentioning (quite often) how he wished his mom would of done that for him.

My Squires love to look through their albums every once in a while. Hmmm... this thing looks interesting.

Oh, Oded Fehr is quite the looker. My Soaring Amongst The Clouds thought he didn't get a big enough roll in The Mummy movies.

The Gatekeeper said...

You've convinced me. I think I will start a scrapbook and publish it on Lulu for him. I hope you do the same. It's quite a project.

And yes, Oded Fehr is quite the pretty boy and he is such a sweet guy. I'm sure he'll be getting more good roles soon.

Hope your summer is a good one so far.