Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sinking The Competition

Another step forward for unique and favorable blog marketing techniques from our beloveds at PayPerPost. Always looking for ways to improve (bravo I say), part one of the Birdo has been released. You heard! Features in this release will excite posties of all kinds--PPP Direct has arrived. Yes, my postie friends, let the advertiser contact you directly. How much would you like to be paid? Set your price, stick a widget on your blog and let the advertiser come to your blog and make you an offer. Sweet deals and you cut out the middle man.

One shall be most impressed with the PPP Direct engine so that posties and advertisers can iron out all those important details of how the post should be written. A full negotiation and transaction auditing system is built right into this engine. Indeed!

Now, let us explore the reason why one should use the PPP Direct program. Only 35% is charged for PPP's self service model while closest competitor, ReviewMe, charges anywhere between 50-100% markup on your post. A little steep, one might say. This would mean I suppose that they would make as much as half of your money for doing . . . almost nothing. Remember it is the postie that is negotiating the work with the advertiser. Thus there is no need for the middle man except to use their widget on your blog.

In any case, PPP Direct will now give quality bloggers more opportunities. It is all we ask. Blessings to all you writers.

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