Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Perelandra (Book Review)

I should not give it all away, so I will choose my words wisely. We shall see how that goes. For all you C.S. Lewis fans you must know he wrote so much more than just The Chronicles of Narnia by now. It is amazing how his credits go on and on.

Here in Perelandra we find Ransom (his character based on Lewis' friend, J. R. R. Tolkien, Oh to have such friends) not adjusting well to Earthly living. He has that feeling that he does not belong and that something greater still awaits him. His everyday encounter with beings not of this world gives him that sense of adventure. Though for such an ordinary man he cannot quite figure out why it is him the powers to be have chosen.

C. S. Lewis is of course a master of describing the unknown worlds beyond Earth, as is his friend Tolkien. Where Ransom is taken shall be a secret to you for right now because Lady Gatekeep thinks you should read the book and be sweetly amazed. But this I will tell you that you will feel like you are on that world with Ransom. You might even fall down a few times here and there so I suggest you sit while reading, unlike The Gatekeeper who tried to walk under the shade of her apple trees. You see, balance is the key to this adventure.

In any case, Lewis will educate you in the possibilities of the very ordinary person having a purpose in very extraodinary situations. Make sense? And he asks the question what would you do if you found yourself in a world where there is no evil yet? Not to mention that the first beings of that realm don't understand evil and along comes the wicked one (Ransom's rival) from Earth no doubt. What would you do?

So might I suggest you read this book. Perelandra has nice short chapters (I love that) which makes the adventure move right along. The writing is very entertaining and you will definitely see Lewis' Christian faith come shining through once again, though there is not one second of preaching to anyone. Perelandra is the second book of Clive Staples Lewis' (hehehe) space trilogy and it is a must read. Blessings to all.


Sharon Lynne said...

You've got my curiosity...sounds like a good summer read.

Loved the part about "sit while reading". LOL

Ni Yachen said...

I really enjoy this trilogy. Each time I read it I go back it forth between which book is my favorite. I think Hideous Strength is my favorite . . .for now. I also love the fact that C.S. Lewis modeled Ransom after his friend J.R.R. Tolkien.

Lady G~ said...

Oh, my Still Waters is a BIG C.S. Lewis fan. She's read most of his books. :o) I'll have to share the titles you've mentioned with her. Just in case she hasn't read them. ;o)